Upcoming Trips Fall 2017




Dates: Spring Break 2018

To: The village of Succotz on the western border.

Project: Classroom addition to the local Christian High School.

Passports: Required. Must be valid six months beyond the date you leave Belize. Application obtained from the post office.

Cost: Still working on the specifics but somewhere in the neighborhood of $1750.

Miscellaneous: We will have one planning meeting once the team is finalized. We will cover in detail items such as equipment, what to pack, how to pack, dress code, daily itinerary, meal arrangements, laundry, etc.

It will be an experience that will change your life forever. The Belizeans are warm and appreciative people. You will be loved and adored by hundreds of beautiful children. You will have a part in improving their lives and shaping their future.  

For information contact Kyle Cochran at First Baptist at 329-5648, Rik Sowell at 450-9633 (office) or rik@sowellarchitects.com or see website www.theiguanasquad.com.

An information meeting is scheduled for the purpose of answering questions and providing enough details about the trip so an informed decision can be made. Here are the details on that meeting:


LOCATION: The Fellowship Café at Conway’s First Baptist Church (at the circle drive on Robinson Street).

TIME: 4:00PM. We will try to finish in about an hour.