The Iguana Squad is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization that assists the people of Belize with educational and medical needs.

During a personal visit to Belize in 2001, our founder Rik Sowell discovered a great need for educational facilities. Many children were waiting to attend school but facilities were either inadequate or did not exist. Rik returned to the states with a burden to construct classroom space for existing private school programs with a history of success. In 2001, he began the planning process to return to Belize with a construction team to assist one school in the village of Benque Viejo located on the western border. That was just the beginning. The Iguana Squad has returned to Belize every year, assisting schools in several areas of the country, constructing classrooms and other support facilities. In 2006, medical teams were added to the effort.

Three years ago we expanded the scope of our medical missions. Dr. Tom Roberts, a local orthopedic surgeon, had a vision to conduct surgeries in Belize. After several meetings with the Belize Ministry of Health, we were able to obtain their permission to bring surgical teams and set up a clinic and use the OR facilities at the main government hospital in the capital city of Belmopan. We have since completed three successful missions, performing dozens of surgeries and visiting with hundreds in the clinic.

Since the beginning

  • We have constructed classroom space for hundreds of school children.
  • We have treated thousands in need of medical help.
  • Hundreds of volunteers have directly participated in these efforts.
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised and applied directly to the efforts.
  • Thousands of dollars have been contributed to scholarship programs to assist those who cannot afford to attend school or provide a meal for themselves.

Although we are a “non-religious” organization, The Iguana Squad is founded and operated on Christian principals much like we conduct our businesses and careers. Our board of directors is comprised of Christian individuals who practice their faith in whatever arena they find themselves. We have proudly partnered with First Baptist Church in Conway, Arkansas as well as First Church of the Nazarene (Conway) and Greenbrier (AR)Nazarene Church. Participants typically hold a Christian perspective in their approach to meeting the needs of those who require assistance. We are supported by various churches and other charity-minded organizations whose goal is to help the needy. We believe that as members of an affluent society, we are obligated to assist those in less fortunate situations. Our niche is Belize and other Central American countries. Our commitment is to make the greatest impact possible with the resources we have.

All donations to The Iguana Squad are 100% tax deductible. Since we have no paid staff, one hundred percent of your donations are applied directly to our efforts in Belize. All necessary operating expenses, such as accounting and legal work, are paid by the Board of Directors so that all your contributions are applied to the work.

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